Early recovery can be a wild ride before things start to even out. Physically, we might suffer from insomnia, headaches, or restlessness. Our brain chemistry is totally out of whack after years of alcohol abuse. Once we sober up, we also have to deal with the all the problems we’ve ignored for so long. We blame other people in our lives. And we start mourning all the losses we’ve suffered in addiction. We’re not sure sobriety will work for us, what’s the point. Friends in recovery say, ‘this too shall pass’, but we remain skeptical. The early days can feel a bit like insanity.

You are free to jump off the recovery train at any point, but if you hang on for a while longer, things will definitely start to change. Your head will clear, your body will work again, your relationships will improve. If you stay on the train, you’ll still have shitty days, but it’s not an excuse to get off. Stay on for a few months, work your program, whatever it is, and the scenery around you will change for the better. You might end up in a whole new landscape.