If alcohol came with warnings like other legal drugsWe’re surrounded daily by advertising that tells us alcohol will make life more exciting, sexier, glamorous… The ads never feature the morning after, waking up with a decidedly unsexy stranger or hugging the toilet.

Tobacco isn’t allowed to advertise on TV, but anything goes for alcohol, an industry that self regulates, assuming its consumers can do the same. Alcohol consumption is responsible for 10% of deaths in America, killing people in record numbers. The reality of over consumption is a horror story, rather than the happy endings we see in advertising.

Alcohol advertising is all beach parties and good times, but never murder, suicide or child abuse. Alcohol is the nation’s number one legal drug, but ads don’t mention that a few too many glasses could put you in the back of a squad car or worse, kill you.

Don’t be fooled. Only sobriety delivers what alcohol promises.