you never know who is watchingWhen we first get sober, there is enormous temptation to preach the virtues of our new found freedom. And the temptation to judge. After some sobriety, you will quickly recognize that your friends and family may be raging alcoholics too. As much as we’d like to drag everyone off to rehab, this simply isn’t feasible.

Think about it, do you admire others more for what they say or what they do? Actions are far more telling than words. So lead by example, not by preaching. Your words will fall on deaf ears unless someone asks you. Unsolicited advice will get you nowhere. Instead, let people see your fabulous new life without DUIs, injuries, and constant hangovers. You never know who’s noticing your clear eyes, new car and happy home life. And then, if they want what you have, they will ask.