sobritey is a superpowerSobriety is misunderstood by society. When you tell people you’re sober, they flash back to every movie they’ve ever seen with a bunch of depressed and wacky drunks crying in rehab or to every alcoholic they’ve seen living under a bridge and they feel sorry for you. People tend to associate sobriety with deprivation; they think us sober ones are missing out on something, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the beginning of recovery, we absolutely suffer a sense of deprivation. We wonder if we’ll be missing out on all that fun too. But let’s face it, the fun part of drinking was long gone. When you get past the deprivation, you realize sobriety is not a terrible consequence or a punishment. You realize you’re not missing out on anything at all. You are sober, clear headed, prepared to face all challenges that come your way. Like a damn superhero!

Once you’re free of hangovers, the brain operates on full speed. You’re sharper, stronger and faster. To get sober is to rise from the ashes and build a whole new identity. It is the hero’s journey; after a descent into hell, we journey back triumphant. Most people never make a journey like this, instead they walk a path safely down the middle. We have escaped from the depths of hell and lived to tell the story. We are clear and present once we move from being sober out of necessity into being sober because we enjoy it. Your life becomes a life you don’t want to escape from anymore.