excess aint rebellion youre drinking what theyre sellingT-shirts announcing “I’m drunk” or “I love day drinking” let the world know you’re rebellious and edgy while you continue to line the pockets of big alcohol like Bacardi and Heineken. Society holds up destructive drinking as a cultural norm, an expected rite of passage. Walk the streets of any college town at 2am on a Saturday night to view the zombie hordes of drinking culture. They’re slumped over on sidewalks, bleary eyed, crying into their phone, fighting or making out with strangers. All very rebellious and edgy stuff.

Western civilization promotes alcohol use in part to keep us dumbed down and numbed out so we won’t notice the profoundly sick society we live in.  Daring to stare into the abyss of mindless consumerism and the wanton wasted-ness of the modern world, that is edgy. Staying sober and eating well on a Friday night while your friends join the zombie horde, that makes you a rebel. Being a numbed out pseudo-participant of life does not. If you really think you’re badass, trying going through life sober.

Lisa Smith, quit lit author of “Girl Walks Out of Bar”, says “Alcohol is poison, and we’re treating it like it’s something other than that because there‘s big corporate money behind it. A lot of people are getting really rich on something that is toxic to us.” Big alcohol peddles poison that turns us into slack jawed morons. Spending your life in an alcohol induced fog does not make you a socially subversive outsider. There’s nothing rebellious about drinking their poison to excess. If you really want to stick it to society, take a look around you, sobriety is what makes you a non conformist these days.