In the throes of addiction, all our energy is focused on one thing, our addiction. Where can I get more? When can I have more? Do I have enough money for more? Where can I get more money?  Ad infinitum. Everything exists to serve our addiction. We do not have space in our life for anything else. We do not think or behave like a ‘normal person’; our behavior is obsessive and compulsive. Our addiction comes first. Family, health, work… all those things fall by the wayside, they are secondary to our substance of choice.

We don’t imbibe like ’normies’, we don’t have one or true drinks, go to bed and get on with it in the morning. We wake up feeling like hell and call in sick to work, again. There is no room in our life for BOTH addiction and success. They are not compatible. By giving up our addiction, we gain absolutely everything: serenity, achievement, self awareness. We can’t go back to our addiction and expect to keep all the gifts we gain in sobriety. We cannot have both. So the choice is yours.